1. How to work with the service
  2. Temporary blocking instagram account
  3. Why my token is often deactivated?
  4. Statistics
  5. Promotion
  6. Settings
  7. Account
  8. Stop-words
  9. Friends list
  10. Requirements for accounts
  11. Multi-accounts
  12. What kind of users and hashtags to add?
  13. Why am I getting less followers or likes?
  14. Number of my followers / following is inaccurate
  15. Speed of service
  16. What is the conversion for tasks?
  17. How to pay for the service ?
  18. Automatically renew account
  19. Still have questions?

How to work with the service

The service consists of several sections:

  • Accounts management - You can add one or more of Instagram accounts and switch between them;
  • Statistics - Here you can find information about the account, the results of its work, see the statistics for a day or other specified period;
  • Tags - in this section you can find the most suitable tags for you;
  • Promotion - in this section you can manage tasks for promotion, add new tasks by users, tags, or geographical position;
  • Stop-list - in this section you can add users which will be ignored by the service (not followed or liked);
  • Settings - in this section you can set parameters for the service or disable it.

Temporary blocking of instagram account

Because of automated processes of the service, Instagram administration may temporary block your account. In this case you need to go to the site and enter "captcha". After that, go to and log in again. If blocking occurs too often, decrease speed of service in the "Settings" section.

Why my token is often deactivated

Instagram has limitations of the number of likes and follows for an hour. Our service works considering these limits, so you should not like, follow or unfollow outside of the service. Also we do not recommend you use other services in parallel.



Here you can find the statistics for the previous day, analyze charts of the total increase likes and followers, charts of actions taken by the service. Also you can determine the best time for posting your photos.


In this section you can find appropriate tags for promotion, check how they are popular, find related tags and see what materials are marked with these tags.



Tasks are divided into three types: by user, by tag and by geolocation. Also there is a filter, where you can specify the task priority and additional settings for search and post-processing.


You can add users and the system will ignore them (by don’t following or liking these users). You can set common list or add separate for each your account.


You can select the language of the system and change the password. For each user you can stop the service and select the speed of promotion. Also you can customise parameters for following/unfollowing.


To add an account, log in on and click "Add" button in the section "Manage Accounts".

Stop-words for accaunt's filtering

For more effective filtering of commercial accounts (shops, services, salons, etc.) and bots you can use stop words.
Example of stop words: whatsapp, viber, store, shop, payment, discount, delivery.
The system will ignore the accounts, if their description contains one or more stop-words.
Stop words are not case sensitive and applied globally to all tasks.

Friends list

This list allows you to specify the users that the service will not unfollow, regardless of other settings.
So you can add to the list your friends, follows to which you would like to keep, and at the same time to unfollow from all other users.

Requirements for accounts

  1. Your account must be registered in Instagram at least one month ago. Instagram has restrictions for new accounts. The first month after registration in Instagram we recommend you to develop your account manually, periodically upload new photos and make a small amount of likes and follows.
  2. In the profile of your account, specify the e-mail, confirm it, and make sure that you have access to it. Sometimes Instagram can reset your password and send a link to restore via email, so for the security of your account, you must have access to the email specified in the profile.
  3. Do not make likes, follows, unfollows from your phone or other sites while service is working. Performing these steps, you can exceed the limits of Instagram.
  4. We also recommend you add Facebook account in the profile of your Instagram account, specify the phone number and confirm it. this will increase trust to your account for Instagram.


When working with the service you can add more than one account. You do not need to keep multiple accounts in our system, simply add your new Instagram users and switch between them to control each separately.

What kind of users and hashtags to add?

Find users with a large number of followers and relevant to your area of interest. Do not forget about the geolocation (e.g. country, city, district, street). It is desirable to add at least two users. In the same way you can select the appropriate hashtags (5-10). Statistics for tags will help you to choose popular ones.

Why am I getting less followers or likes?

It depends on your tasks, some tasks are more effective than others. In addition, the number of followers is not always is really important, sometimes you get less subscribers, but all of them related to your target audience.

Number of my followers / subscriptions is incorrect.

Quote from Instagram administration (

Some users may see that the number of followers / subscriptions has changed. Recently, we fixed a bug where the lists of followers / subscriptions included inactive accounts by mistake, that’s why you could see the difference in numbers.

Therefore, if you use likes- or followers-bots, please note that these accounts will be banned and number of followers will diminish quickly.

Speed of service

The speed of service is a percent of instagram limits for actions. For instance, with speed 0.5 our system will perform actions up to 50% of instagram limits during an hour. We advise to use speed 0.5 at the beginning. If you have no problems then after 5-7 days you can gradually increase the speed to a value of 0.7.

Higher values might lead to frequent token deactivations and temporary instagram limits on actions for your account.

What is the conversion for tasks?

Conversion specifies how many users followed to you by this task. Both values absolute and percentage of the total number by task are shown. The higher the value, the more efficient the task.

How to pay for the service?

We accept VISA and MasterCard. For payment, go to the section "Payments" and select appropriate tariff. Then follow the instructions.

Automatically renew account

The settings for each account by default have the option "automatically renew your account." If there is enough balance, account will be automatically extended for a month. When the balance is less than $21, the extension will not be activated. You can disable this option for some of your accounts if you do not want to renew them automatically.

Still have questions?

If you have any questions, please contact us at: or leave a message by clicking on the question mark in the lower right corner.

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