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You no longer need the promote specialists for your Instagram account. With our professional service you can do it by yourself fast and easy saving your time and money!

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Specify the settings of your target audience and get real followers and likes. Service Management is intuitive and requires no special knowledge.

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Monitor the activity of other users, study charts of growth of your followers and likes. Analyze the time for posting new medias.

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Like competitors' followers

Users who follow your competitor probably like competitor's goods/servises (which are similar to yours). These users are your target audience. Why not "like" these users photos? This way you draw their attention and promote your account.

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Real followers, real likes

Promoting your instagram account with us, you increase the number of followers and likes. Our service is designed to work with real users and does not use bots. All your followers will be real users and potential customers. Liking your target Instagram audience you attract attention to your account and receive real likes and followers . It is much more efficient than cheating.

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Jet Insta geolocation

Nearby clients

Use geolocation to attract potential clients from a particular city or area. Followers posting photos near you get likes and can become your clients. Geo-marks are good way for promotion cafes, salons, shops and other business that have linkage with the location.

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Get followers on instagram 2.0

Wondering how to get more followers on Instagram? Internet is full of ads, offering you to buy cheap Instagram followers. But do you really need those cheap followers who are not even real humans? Instagram administration easily detects accounts full of fake followers and bans them. Do you really want all the time and money spend in vain? There is another option.

Jetinsta is a totally new way of promoting your Instagram account. With Jetinsta you get more followers on Instagram fast and those followers are real people, not bots! All you have to do is register, configure settings (geolocation, hashtags, interests, followers of your competitors (new!)) and JetInsta starts interacting with your target audience from your account by liking their photos, subscribing to their accounts and so on. Target followers see your account activities, visit your account, find it interesting and click "follow". So you get followers on Instagram who are real people and your potential customers or fans.

Try our new Instagram promotion system for free and get real Instagram followers fast!

What our clients said about us?

Отличный сервис! Я не очень разбираюсь в продвижении, а тут все так легко и понятно! Удобно следить за всем. А главное, что количество подписчиков растет с каждым днем! Я начинала с 50, а за три недели их стало почти 900! Аккаунт стал живым, постоянно получаю комментарии и пошли первые заказы. СПАСИБО!!!!

Марина Селезнева - Мастерская игрушек из ткани

Well done, guys, you did cool thing! Really decent service. Don’t be greedy, for small amount of money, you will get rapid growth in account popularity, new followers and customers. All of it without any effort from you! I wish good luck to Jetinsta!

Henry Carter

Ребята, спасибо за Ваш супер-сервис!!!! Не прошел еще месяц, как Вы продвигаете мой аккаунт в Интаграм, а уменя уже 1200 подписчиков и 4 хороших заказа!!! Очень много комментариев, куча лайков!!! Раскрутка инстаграм мне очень понравилась!)


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Simple, intuitive interface optimized for quick and easy operation. Flexible settings allow you to choose the features that you need. Promote your account from any device at any time.

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